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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff A. Schnepper, 19 books
Sidney Kess, 16 books
Eric Tyson, 13 books
David S. De Jong, 9 books
Holmes F. Crouch, 9 books
Barbara Weltman, 9 books
Paul N. Strassels, 8 books
Ann Gray Jakabcin, 8 books
Nigel Eastaway, 8 books
Casey, William J., 7 books
Frederick W. Daily, 7 books
Sara Williams, 7 books
David J. Silverman, 7 books
Awther Singh, 6 books
Sanford C. Botkin, 6 books
Jeff Schnepper, 6 books
Sally Jones, 6 books
J.K. Lasser Institute, 6 books
Edward L. Maydew, 5 books
Ralph P. Ray, 5 books
Myron S. Scholes, 5 books
White, Peter, 4 books
Santhanam, R., 4 books
Marshall J. Langer, 4 books
Sally M. Jones, 4 books


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