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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert T. Kiyosaki, 47 books
Zvi Bodie, 35 books
Frank J. Fabozzi, 29 books
Financial Publishing Company., 21 books
John C. Bogle, 21 books
Michael C. Thomsett, 19 books
Eric Tyson, 18 books
United States. General Accounting Office, 18 books
Geoffrey A. Hirt, 16 books
Vietnam., 16 books
Burton Gordon Malkiel, 14 books
CFA Institute, 14 books
Alex Kane, 13 books
Babson, Roger Ward, 12 books
Alan J. Marcus, 12 books
Stephen L. Nelson, 12 books
Mary Buffett, 12 books
Sharpe, William F., 12 books
Larry Chambers, 11 books
Robert G. Hagstrom, 11 books
Nancy Dunnan, 11 books
Peter Weverka, 11 books
David Logan Scott, 11 books
Stanley B. Block, 11 books
Krefetz, Gerald., 11 books


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