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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary Buffett, 10 books
Robert G. Hagstrom, 7 books
Warren Buffett, 6 books
Alice Schroeder, 5 books
Meg Greenfield, 4 books
Andrew Kilpatrick, 4 books
Roger Lowenstein, 3 books
Robert P. Miles, 2 books
John Train, 2 books
David Clark, 2 books
Richard Simmons, 2 books
Vahan Janjigian, 2 books
Xingfang Yan, 2 books
Ruitai Hong, 2 books
Peter Buffett, 2 books
Michael Zitz, 2 books
Ronald W. Chan, 2 books
Jeremy Miller, 2 books
Fanyu., 1 book
Glen Arnold, 1 book
Ayano Morio, 1 book
Bruce C. N. Greenwald, 1 book
Heller, Robert, 1 book
James Pardoe, 1 book
Thomas Kent, 1 book


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