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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Heinrich Böll, 3 books
Phillip Margolin, 3 books
Catharine O'Neill, 2 books
Rachel Gibson, 2 books
Christopher Klim, 2 books
Peter Ludlow, 2 books
Dewey Gram, 2 books
Sienna Mercer, 2 books
Robert Eversz, 2 books
Gitty Daneshvari, 2 books
Simon R. Green, 2 books
Thomas, James, 1 book
Ilʹi͡a Stogov, 1 book
Martin Conboy, 1 book
Collins, Paul, 1 book
Ally Carter, 1 book
Mark Sumner, 1 book
Rubén Gamarra Garay, 1 book
Diane Keaton, 1 book
Mark Wallace, 1 book
Kevin McDonough, 1 book
Daley, Robert, 1 book
Simon Michael Bessie, 1 book
Nick Page, 1 book
Jayne Ann Krentz, 1 book


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