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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Thomas Smith, 15 books
Roland B. Minton, 15 books
Jan Williams, 15 books
Sue Haka, 15 books
Mark S Bettner, 15 books
Tracy D. Terrell, 13 books
Patricia Libby, 12 books
Linda Lee, 12 books
Robert Libby, 12 books
Pearson, 11 books
Daniel G. Short, 11 books
Raymond A. Barnett, 9 books
Michael R. Ziegler, 9 books
Karl E. Byleen, 9 books
Julie Miller, 8 books
Donald Freeman, 8 books
Magdalena Andrade, 8 books
Jeanne Egasse, 8 books
James Sepe, 8 books
Eric Noreen, 8 books
Robert Desharnais, 8 books
J. David Spiceland, 8 books
Ray H. Garrison, 8 books
Molly O'Neill, 8 books
Kathleen Graves, 8 books


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