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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Danielle Steel, 65 books
William Shakespeare, 14 books
Jacquelyn Frank, 6 books
Anne Rice, 5 books
Rudolf Steiner, 4 books
Carolyn G. Hart, 3 books
Chris Marie Green, 3 books
Rupert Matthews, 3 books
Glenville Lovell, 3 books
Machaelle Small Wright, 3 books
Leonora Orem, 3 books
Timothy Wyllie, 3 books
Adin Ballou, 2 books
Chijun Murayama, 2 books
Susan Krinard, 2 books
Amanda Stevens, 2 books
Scott Mebus, 2 books
Charlie Price, 2 books
Ellen Meister, 2 books
Suzanne Fisher Staples, 2 books
T. A. Barron, 2 books
Alan Garner, 2 books
Echo L. Bodine, 2 books
Erica Orloff, 2 books
ʼOṅʻ Kyoʻ Dokʻtā., 2 books


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