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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Manuel Castells, 4 books
Jeremy Rifkin, 4 books
Philip Francis Esler, 3 books
Dorothy Nelkin, 3 books
Jeff Cohen, 3 books
Rob Kling, 2 books
K. Warner Schaie, 2 books
M. David Ermann, 2 books
Victor W. Marshall, 2 books
Graeme Turner, 2 books
Thomas F. Gieryn, 2 books
William Greider, 2 books
James Gleick, 2 books
Esther Dyson, 2 books
D. Stanley Eitzen, 2 books
Horne, John, 2 books
Robert H. Blank, 2 books
James Hillman, 2 books
Joseph Turow, 2 books
Stanley Aronowitz, 2 books
Mary B. Williams, 2 books
Raphael Sassower, 2 books
Roger Silverstone, 2 books
Clive Seale, 2 books
Leslie Brothers, 2 books


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