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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jerry L. Johnson, 13 books
George Grant, 10 books
Mark Doel, 9 books
Steven Shardlow, 6 books
John T. Pardeck, 5 books
Neil Thompson, 5 books
Alfred Kadushin, 5 books
Turner, Francis J., 4 books
Sarah Banks, 4 books
Chris Payne, 4 books
Daphne Statham, 4 books
Dorothy Whittington, 4 books
Frederic G. Reamer, 4 books
David D. Royse, 4 books
Cynthia Franklin, 4 books
Leon H. Ginsberg, 4 books
Peter Marsh, 4 books
Roger Ellis, 4 books
Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, 4 books
Rosalie Ambrosino, 4 books
Audrey Mullender, 4 books
Surjit Singh Dhooper, 4 books
Tony Tripodi, 4 books
Roberta R. Greene, 4 books
Bruce A. Thyer, 4 books


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