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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Julian Curry, 26 books
John Russell Brown, 16 books
William Shakespeare, 9 books
Ralph Berry, 7 books
Stephen Orgel, 5 books
Andrew James Hartley, 4 books
Dympna Callaghan, 4 books
Pauline Kiernan, 4 books
Ralph Berry, 4 books
Bertram Leon Joseph, 3 books
Ronald Watkins, 3 books
Patsy Rodenburg, 3 books
Peter Brook, 3 books
Kelly Hunter, 3 books
Ayanna Thompson, 3 books
Herbert R. Coursen, 3 books
Robert Smallwood, 3 books
Jonathan Bate, 3 books
Michael W. Shurgot, 3 books
Robert Weimann, 3 books
Mark Rose, 3 books
Ayanna Thompson, 3 books
Worthen, William B., 3 books
David Crystal, 3 books
James C. Bulman, 3 books