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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Widukind von Korvei, 10 books
Bernard Cornwell, 8 books
Nancy Farmer, 8 books
Frewin Jones, 4 books
Barbara Phinney, 3 books
Gyula Szekfű, 3 books
Hans-Jürgen Hässler, 3 books
Farkas-Zoltán Hajdú, 3 books
Widukind of Corvey, 3 books
Marian Zăloagă, 2 books
Didier-Georges Dooghe, 2 books
Josie Litton, 2 books
Albert Genrich, 2 books
Eileen Meyler, 2 books
Eric Flint, 2 books
George Ellis, 2 books
Rosemary Sutcliff, 2 books
Terry Deary, 2 books
Sandra Hill, 2 books
Ferenc Pozsony, 2 books
Jason Hook, 2 books
Martin Weber, 2 books
Peter Brandon, 1 book
Maria Dobozy, 1 book
Friederike Mönninghoff, 1 book


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