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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
American Heart Association, 8 books
Jones, Jeanne., 4 books
Francine Prince, 4 books
Harriet Roth, 4 books
Edith White, 3 books
Merle Schell, 3 books
June Roth, 3 books
Nancy Doreen Lloyd, 3 books
Sue Spitler, 3 books
Shelly Vaughan James, 3 books
Marcia Sabaté Williams, 3 books
Elma W. Bagg, 3 books
Linda Johnson Larsen, 3 books
Judy Gilliard, 3 books
Susan Stevens, 3 books
Rose Dosti, 3 books
Gloria Rose, 3 books
Emil G. Conason, 2 books
Denton A. Cooley, 2 books
Alma Payne Ralston, 2 books
Milton E. Dupuy, 2 books
Corinne T. Netzer, 2 books
Gail L. Becker, 2 books
Carol Munson, 2 books
Barbara Kafka, 2 books


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