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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas, 4 books
Megan Carson, 4 books
Wolfgang Lederer, 3 books
Florence Stonebraker, 3 books
Karen Connelly, 3 books
Jane Ellen Wayne, 3 books
Stacey Clubb, 3 books
Kay Addams, 3 books
Sloane Britain, 3 books
Victoria Ocampo, 3 books
Ruth Berlau, 2 books
Josephine Ross, 2 books
Milton Waldman, 2 books
Lehmann, John, 2 books
Sheilah Graham, 2 books
Ann Bannon, 2 books
Sarah Tieck, 2 books
Joelle Fraser, 2 books
Michael Bergin, 2 books
Ralph Dean, 2 books
Martin Andrew Sharp Hume, 2 books
John Evangelist Walsh, 2 books
Fletcher Flora, 2 books
Norman Mailer, 2 books
Esmeralda Santiago, 2 books


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