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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tony Gaddis, 9 books
Mark Summerfield, 6 books
Alex Martelli, 5 books
Hans Petter Langtangen, 5 books
Mark J. Guzdial, 5 books
Mark Lutz, 5 books
Allen B. Downey, 5 books
Bradley N. Miller, 4 books
Mark Pilgrim, 4 books
Barbara Ericson, 4 books
David Ascher, 4 books
John Paul Mueller, 4 books
Y. Daniel Liang, 4 books
Al Sweigart, 4 books
Chris Fehily, 3 books
Jaan Kiusalaas, 3 books
Mark Guzdial, 3 books
David I. Schneider, 3 books
Kenneth Alfred Lambert, 3 books
Donald Norris, 3 books
Chris Roffey, 3 books
Sebastian Bassi, 3 books
Wesley Chun, 3 books
Martin C. Brown, 3 books
W. F. Punch, 3 books


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