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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dave Pelz, 4 books
David DeNunzio, 3 books
Paul Trevillion, 2 books
Craig L. Farnsworth, 2 books
Horton Smith, 2 books
Dave Stockton, 2 books
Nick Mastroni, 2 books
John Daly, 2 books
Arnold Palmer, 1 book
Brian Lake, 1 book
H. A. Templeton, 1 book
Todd Sones, 1 book
Stan Utley, 1 book
Joseph Parent, 1 book
Dave Allen, 1 book
Brown, Ken, 1 book
Robert Rosburg, 1 book
Edward Craig, 1 book
Golf Digest., 1 book
Phil Galvano, 1 book
Jimmy Demaret, 1 book
Frank, James A., 1 book
Noah Liberman, 1 book
Robin Sieger, 1 book
Jo Hardy, 1 book


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