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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, 10 books
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, 4 books
Sigmund Freud, 3 books
W. Timothy Gallwey, 3 books
Bad author - no name, 3 books
Cliff Hakim, 3 books
Roger Régnier, 3 books
Bess Marcus, 2 books
L.-F.-Alfred Maury, 2 books
Olivier Cotinaud, 2 books
Suze Orman, 2 books
Pierre Foissac, 2 books
Philippe Breton, 2 books
Teresa Pitman, 2 books
Alain de Botton, 2 books
Christophe Dejours, 2 books
R. Roy, 2 books
Jacques Salomé, 2 books
James Q. Wilson, 2 books
Beverly A. Potter, 2 books
Stephen R. Covey, 2 books
Robin Norwood, 2 books
Wayne M. Sotile, 2 books
Christophe Fauré, 2 books
Bruno Fortin, 2 books


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