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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James W. Kalat, 5 books
Marvin Zuckerman, 4 books
S. Marc Breedlove, 4 books
John P. J. Pinel, 4 books
Laurel Holliday, 3 books
Jacques Graven, 3 books
Lionel Tiger, 3 books
Mark R. Rosenzweig, 3 books
Meyer, Adolf, 2 books
Francis Otto Schmitt, 2 books
Trigant Burrow, 2 books
Andrew P. Wickens, 2 books
Edmund J. Fantino, 2 books
Raj Kapoor, 2 books
Randy J. Nelson, 2 books
Paulo Aleixo, 2 books
Murray Baillon, 2 books
William R. Uttal, 2 books
Manfred Velden, 2 books
F. M. Toates, 2 books
Attila S. Székely, 2 books
Jordan W. Smoller, 2 books
Hans Lungwitz, 2 books
Ernest Lawrence Rossi, 2 books
Green, Simon, 2 books


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