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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Cotton, 7 books
Gilbert McMaster, 6 books
Anderson, John, 5 books
Andrew Law, 4 books
Daniel Read, 4 books
William Sommerville, 3 books
Adam Rankin, 3 books
Thomas Dickson Baird, 3 books
Williams, Thomas, 3 books
Worcester, Samuel, 3 books
Cotton Mather, 2 books
Black, John, 2 books
William Smith, 2 books
William Andrew Leonard, 2 books
John McNaugher, 2 books
James Latta, 2 books
William Tans'ur, 2 books
Joan Chittister, 2 books
Arnold, John, 2 books
Walter, Thomas, 2 books
Cuthbert Sydenham, 2 books
John Tufts, 2 books
Jonathan Freeman, 2 books
Philadelphia Baptist Association, 2 books
William Ritchie, 2 books


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