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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Antony Easthope, 3 books
Mark Poster, 3 books
Stephen D. Moore, 3 books
Susanah Lily L. Mendoza, 2 books
Peters, Michael, 2 books
Adam Krims, 2 books
Ewa Rewers, 2 books
Robert Sinnerbrink, 2 books
Rey Chow, 2 books
R. Radhakrishnan, 2 books
Saul Newman, 2 books
Todd May, 2 books
Duane Rousselle, 2 books
Nathan J. Jun, 2 books
Heinrich M. Schmidinger, 1 book
Peter Gahan, 1 book
Gregg Lambert, 1 book
Mari Ruti, 1 book
Adam Dziadek, 1 book
Olakunle George, 1 book
Noëlle McAfee, 1 book
Judith Baxter, 1 book
Neumann, Gerhard, 1 book
Richard Shapcott, 1 book
Aniket Jaaware, 1 book


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