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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stewart Tendler, 2 books
David May, 2 books
Uncle Fester, 2 books
Fester, 2 books
Ann-Marie E. Szymanski, 2 books
Richard Francis, 1 book
Chris Steele-Perkins, 1 book
Nicholas Saunders, 1 book
Mark Thompson, 1 book
Richard Marshall, 1 book
Tristan Manco, 1 book
John Roberts, 1 book
Alexander Sumach, 1 book
Gilbert Geis, 1 book
Timothy Leary, 1 book
Richard Smith, 1 book
Caroline Archer, 1 book
Lost Art, 1 book
Caleb Neelon, 1 book
Caroline Douglas, 1 book
Inge Jadi, 1 book
Hans, 1 book
Saleem A. Shah, 1 book
Bruce VanWyngarden, 1 book
Art Chantry, 1 book


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