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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ray Gordon, 10 books
Bill Adler, 5 books
Gerri Hill, 3 books
Straus, 3 books
Ascher, 3 books
H. Jay Riker, 3 books
Susan Plunkett, 2 books
Karen Ball, 2 books
Joe Musser, 2 books
Angel Hunter, 2 books
Dwayne Joseph, 2 books
La Jill Hunt, 2 books
Krysteen Seelen, 2 books
Editors of McSweeney's, 2 books
Howard Lawson, 2 books
Ron Speers, 2 books
Michael A. Palmer, 2 books
Robert Coover, 2 books
Oliver North, 2 books
Sam D'Allesandro, 1 book
Chip Silverman, 1 book
Alistair MacLean, 1 book
Yvonne Jacquette, 1 book
Judy Vernon, 1 book
Raymond Barrio, 1 book


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