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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brock Thoene, 25 books
Frank E. Peretti, 7 books
Gene Edwards, 7 books
Judith Pella, 7 books
Tim F. LaHaye, 6 books
Karen Ball, 6 books
Tracey Victoria Bateman, 5 books
Veda Boyd Jones, 5 books
Ken Abraham, 5 books
Kathleen Morgan, 4 books
Grace Livingston Hill Lutz, 4 books
Hannah Alexander, 4 books
Russ Scalzo, 4 books
Steve Mamchak, 4 books
Ann Walker, 3 books
Jack Cavanaugh, 3 books
Norma Jean Lutz, 3 books
Peggy Darty, 3 books
Lance Wubbels, 3 books
JoAnn A. Grote, 3 books
Stephen R. Lawhead, 3 books
Aaron Norris, 3 books
White Arrow, 3 books
Thom Lemmons, 3 books
Chuck Norris, 3 books


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