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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sherwin John Carlquist, 5 books
Robert Mapplethorpe, 5 books
David Leddick, 4 books
Christie Jenkins, 3 books
Herbert List, 3 books
Tom Bianchi, 3 books
Peter Weiermair, 3 books
Ken Haak, 3 books
Jack Morin, 2 books
Robyn Moreno, 2 books
Carmen Armillas, 2 books
Bill Emrich, 2 books
James Spada, 2 books
Gloeden, Wilhelm von Baron, 2 books
Bruce of Los Angeles., 2 books
Reed Massengill, 2 books
Greg Gorman, 2 books
Vincent Godeau, 2 books
François Rousseau, 2 books
Gesche Jäger, 2 books
Arthur Tress, 2 books
Joani Blank, 1 book
Richard Plowright, 1 book
Michael Birt, 1 book
Patrick Sarfati, 1 book


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