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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Nobuyoshi Araki, 7 books
David Hamilton, 5 books
Thomas Karsten, 4 books
Guy Bourdin, 3 books
Charles Gatewood, 3 books
Nan Goldin, 3 books
Michael A. Rosen, 3 books
Helmut Newton, 3 books
Thorpe, David, 2 books
Bob Carlos Clarke, 2 books
Cheyco Leidmann, 2 books
Alberto García-Alix, 2 books
Del Lagrace Volcano, 2 books
Jan Saudek, 2 books
Michelle Olley, 2 books
Thomas Ruff, 2 books
Richard Prince, 2 books
Jean-François Jonvelle, 2 books
Mario Testino, 2 books
Jean-François Jonvelle, 2 books
Peter Weiermair, 2 books
Jeff Dunas, 2 books
Duane Michals, 2 books
Henri Maccheroni, 2 books
Jack Pierson, 2 books


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