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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frith, Francis., 117 books
Gerald Hoberman, 17 books
Clive Hardy, 12 books
Martin Andrew, 9 books
Marc Hoberman, 9 books
Alain Pons, 8 books
Roly Smith, 8 books
Christine Baillet, 8 books
Ian Hay, 7 books
Nick Harris, 7 books
Gerald Gosling, 7 books
Rob Talbot, 7 books
Robin Whiteman, 7 books
Mohamed Amin, 7 books
Terry Sackett, 6 books
B. Pedersen, 6 books
John Hudson, 6 books
Andy Grundberg, 6 books
Martin Dunning, 5 books
Thorston Tiedeke, 5 books
Werner Weiler, 5 books
Taschen Publishing, 5 books
Simon Kirwan, 5 books
Martin Parr, 5 books
Ian Jeffrey, 5 books


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