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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frith, Francis., 50 books
Roger Hicks, 9 books
Michael Freeman, 8 books
Frances Schultz, 8 books
Steve Bavister, 5 books
Helmut Newton, 5 books
Peter Cope, 4 books
Ernst Wildi, 4 books
Andy Grundberg, 4 books
Michel Frizot, 3 books
Gerry Badger, 3 books
James Beattie, 3 books
Clive Hardy, 3 books
Martin Andrew, 3 books
Sarah Jones, 3 books
Gerald Hoberman, 3 books
Walter Veltroni, 3 books
B. Pedersen, 3 books
Katherine Ware, 3 books
Bob Shell, 3 books
Anne Sol, 3 books
Willy Cabourdin, 3 books
Julie Adair King, 3 books
David Chandler, 3 books
Dennis Needham, 3 books


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