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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Simone Weil, 9 books
Joseph Marie Perrin, 5 books
M.-M Davy, 4 books
Richard Rees, 4 books
Domenico Canciani, 4 books
Simone Pétrement, 4 books
E. Jane Doering, 4 books
Michel Narcy, 3 books
Tomlin, E. W. F., 3 books
Richard Rees, 3 books
Jacques Cabaud, 3 books
Marie Magdeleine Davy, 3 books
Sabina Moser, 3 books
Gabriella Fiori, 3 books
Reiner Wimmer, 3 books
Eric O. Springsted, 3 books
Megan Terry, 2 books
Sven Stolpe, 2 books
Hilary Ottensmeyer, 2 books
Rinaldo Del Bo, 2 books
Bernard Halda, 2 books
Julien Molard, 2 books
Simone Pétrement, 2 books
Miklós Vetö, 2 books
Diogenes Allen, 2 books


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