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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Georges Bataille, 10 books
Jean-Michel Heimonet, 5 books
Francis Marmande, 4 books
Daniel Hawley, 3 books
Michel Surya, 3 books
Marie-Christine Lala, 3 books
Felice Ciro Papparo, 3 books
Conor Joyce, 2 books
Robert Sasso, 2 books
Yve Alain Bois, 2 books
Per Buvik, 2 books
Denis Hollier, 2 books
Carlo Grassi, 2 books
Mario Perniola, 2 books
Jane Gallop, 2 books
Piero Burzio, 2 books
Francis Marmande, 2 books
Patrick Ffrench, 2 books
Gilles Mayné, 2 books
Pierre Prévost, 2 books
Debora Meijers, 2 books
Francis Gandon, 1 book
Jean-François Fourny, 1 book
Bernd Mattheus, 1 book
J. Versteeg, 1 book


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