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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edvard Munch, 37 books
Arne Eggum, 7 books
Arve Moen, 5 books
Gerd Woll, 5 books
Reinhold Heller, 5 books
Elizabeth Prelinger, 5 books
Werner Timm, 4 books
Patricia G. Berman, 4 books
Schiefler, Gustav, 3 books
Munch-museet (Oslo, Norway), 3 books
Ole Sarvig, 3 books
J. P. Hodin, 2 books
Read, Herbert Edward Sir, 2 books
Gauguin, Pola, 2 books
Carla Lathe, 2 books
Ragna Thiis Stang, 2 books
Uwe M. Schneede, 2 books
Nicolay Stang, 2 books
Hermann Esswein, 2 books
Ketil Bjørnstad, 2 books
Rolf E. Stenersen, 2 books
Sarah G. Epstein, 2 books
Marit Lande, 2 books
Cornelia Gerner, 2 books
Alf Bøe, 2 books


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