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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Reboux, Paul, 6 books
Hogg, James, 6 books
James Smith, 5 books
Stephen Leacock, 5 books
Richard Willard Armour, 5 books
Sir John Collings Squire, 4 books
William Zaranka, 4 books
Marc Antony Henderson, 4 books
Laurie Loughlin, 4 books
Chris Elliott, 3 books
E. O. Parrott, 3 books
Hamilton, Walter, 3 books
Neumann, Robert, 3 books
William Kean Seymour, 3 books
Robert P. Falk, 3 books
E. V. Knox, 3 books
Henry Beard, 3 books
C. E. Crimmins, 3 books
Phyllis Frus, 3 books
Scarron Monsieur, 3 books
Ward, Christopher, 3 books
Dwight Macdonald, 3 books
Scott, W. B., 2 books
Bayard Taylor, 2 books
Russell, Leonard, 2 books


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