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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jonathan Swift, 10 books
Wither, George, 5 books
Will Self, 5 books
John Taylor, 4 books
Alvin B. Kernan, 4 books
Claude Julien Rawson, 4 books
William Baldwin, 4 books
Hermann Josef Real, 3 books
Louis A. Landa, 3 books
Ronald Arbuthnott Knox, 3 books
Kathleen Williams, 3 books
Campbell, Oscar James, 3 books
Jeffrey Meyers, 3 books
Attilio Brilli, 3 books
William Hone, 3 books
Walker, Hugh, 3 books
Wood, Nigel, 2 books
H. G. Wells, 2 books
Arbuthnot, John, 2 books
D. J. Dooley, 2 books
Sherard Vines, 2 books
Ellen Douglass Leyburn, 2 books
Samuel Rowlands, 2 books
Edmund Goldsmid, 2 books
Robert T. Chapman, 2 books


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