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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Linda Brannan, 23 books
Barbara L. McCombs, 23 books
Donald Trump, 8 books
Keith Harrell, 5 books
Willow Creek Resources, 5 books
Sidney A. Friedman, 4 books
Steve Chandler, 4 books
David Essel, 4 books
Tim Ursiny, 4 books
Randy Kepple, 4 books
Hattie Hill, 4 books
Terry L. Sumerlin, 4 books
Diane Kennedy, 3 books
Jean Horton Berg, 3 books
Pete Williams, 3 books
Meredith McIver, 3 books
Adrian Gostick, 3 books
Chester Elton, 3 books
Mike Veeck, 3 books
Bill Zanker, 3 books
Kristen Schuerlein, 3 books
Harvard Business Review., 3 books
David Finkel, 3 books
Keith Yamashita, 2 books
Stuart Avery Gold, 2 books


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