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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward L. Safford, 6 books
Harvey Weiss, 5 books
Ed Radlauer, 5 books
Frank Xavier Ross, 4 books
Kate Petty, 4 books
Bernie Zubrowski, 4 books
Chris Ellis, 4 books
Warring, R. H., 4 books
Fred M. Marks, 3 books
Robert H. Schleicher, 3 books
Jen Green, 3 books
D. J. Herda, 3 books
Chris Ellis, 3 books
Mary Blocksma, 3 books
Sheperd Paine, 3 books
Colin Caket, 2 books
William John Winter, 2 books
Gordon L. Lippitt, 2 books
Barbara A. Curry, 2 books
Robert Downie, 2 books
Viktor Aleksandrovich Shtoff, 2 books
Evans, Martin, 2 books
Gerald Scarborough, 2 books
Sergiu Florică, 2 books
Herbert Lozier, 2 books


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