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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Phil Yates, 10 books
John Geoffrey Garratt, 5 books
Donald F. Featherstone, 5 books
O'Brien, Richard, 4 books
Roy Dilley, 4 books
Kim Jones, 4 books
Davidson, Mike., 4 books
Henry Edward David Harris, 3 books
Philip Olcott Stearns, 3 books
Don Pielin, 2 books
Susan Manos, 2 books
Jean Nicollier, 2 books
Bill Horan, 2 books
Duncan Howarth, 2 books
Alec Gee, 2 books
Paris Manos, 2 books
Egon Krannich, 2 books
Jack Cassin-Scott, 2 books
Gary Edmundson, 2 books
Sheperd Paine, 2 books
Norman Joplin, 2 books
Peter Simunovich, 2 books
James Opie, 2 books
Joe Wallis, 2 books
Bruce Quarrie, 2 books


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