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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Greg Farshtey, 59 books
Daniel Lipkowitz, 13 books
Tracey West, 12 books
Brendan Powell Smith, 10 books
Michael Anthony Steele, 8 books
Ace Landers, 7 books
Cathy Hapka, 6 books
Sean Kenney, 6 books
Yannick Grotholt, 6 books
James F. Kelly, 5 books
Allison Lassieur, 5 books
Trey King, 5 books
Sonia Sander, 4 books
Elizabeth Dowsett, 4 books
Yoshihito Isogawa, 4 books
Hannah Dolan, 4 books
Simon Beecroft, 3 books
Sebastian Quigley, 3 books
DK Publishing, 3 books
Scholastic, 3 books
Mario Ferrari, 3 books
Laurens Valk, 3 books
Yoshihito Isogawa, 3 books
Warren Elsmore, 3 books
Giulio Ferrari, 2 books


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