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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sharon Kendrick, 10 books
Lynne Graham, 9 books
Daniel Defoe, 7 books
Victoria Holt, 7 books
Robyn Donald, 6 books
Abby Green, 5 books
Kim Lawrence, 4 books
F. Scott Fitzgerald, 4 books
Chantelle Shaw, 4 books
Diane Haeger, 4 books
Bryan Bevan, 4 books
Cathy Williams, 4 books
Adele Ashworth, 4 books
Michel de Decker, 4 books
Menander of Athens., 3 books
Susan Holloway Scott, 3 books
Salley Vickers, 3 books
Diana Souhami, 3 books
André Castelot, 3 books
Nancy Mitford, 3 books
Monique de Huertas, 3 books
Olivia Goldsmith, 3 books
Philippa Gregory, 3 books
Susan Sontag, 3 books
Emma Darcy, 3 books


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