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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
W. Somerset Maugham, 34 books
Charles Dickens, 28 books
Michael Pearce, 21 books
Adam Hall, 21 books
Sir William Edward Parry, 18 books
Rudyard Kipling, 17 books
John Franklin, 17 books
Shackleton, Ernest Henry Sir, 15 books
Sir John Ross, 14 books
Richard Hakluyt, 14 books
John le Carré, 13 books
David B. Quinn, 13 books
Ian Fleming, 13 books
Laurence Sterne, 13 books
Allen, Charles, 12 books
Great Britain. Admiralty., 12 books
Daniel Defoe, 12 books
Montagu, Mary Wortley Lady, 11 books
V. A. Stuart, 11 books
Graham Greene, 11 books
George MacDonald Fraser, 11 books
David Hampshire, 11 books
E. M. Forster, 10 books
Clarke, Stephen, 9 books
Vivian Stuart, 9 books


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