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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chaz Bowyer, 23 books
Norman L. R. Franks, 20 books
Martin W. Bowman, 20 books
Dilip Sarkar, 12 books
Jonathan Falconer, 11 books
Ralph Barker, 11 books
Martin Middlebrook, 11 books
Alan W. Cooper, 10 books
Brian Cull, 10 books
John Frayn Turner, 10 books
Alex Revell, 9 books
Stephen Darlow, 8 books
Michael J. F. Bowyer, 7 books
Andy Saunders, 7 books
Tony Spooner, 7 books
Norman Franks, 7 books
Jon Guttman, 7 books
Andrew Thomas, 7 books
Christopher F. Shores, 7 books
Paul Brickhill, 7 books
Roy Conyers Nesbit, 7 books
Patrick Bishop, 7 books
J. M. Bruce, 7 books
Cynrik de Decker, 6 books
Price, Alfred., 6 books


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