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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Norman L. R. Franks, 13 books
Michael A. Stackpole, 9 books
Jon Guttman, 8 books
James Ferro, 7 books
Aaron Allston, 7 books
Carl Molesworth, 6 books
Raymond F. Toliver, 5 books
Norman Franks, 5 books
Pierre Clostermann, 5 books
John Weal, 5 books
Christopher F. Shores, 5 books
Peter Kilduff, 5 books
Alex Revell, 4 books
John Stanaway, 4 books
Mike Spick, 4 books
Scott O'Grady, 4 books
Robert L. Gandt, 4 books
William N. Hess, 4 books
Hub Zemke, 4 books
Walter A. Musciano, 3 books
Hugh Dundas, 3 books
Ikuhiko Hata, 3 books
Charles Demoulin, 3 books
Brian Cull, 3 books
Eric M. Hammel, 3 books


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