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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Volker Helas, 7 books
Fritz Löffler, 5 books
Stefan Hertzig, 5 books
Harald Marx, 5 books
Jürgen Helfricht, 4 books
Victor Klemperer, 4 books
Ernst Kretzschmar, 4 books
David John Cawdell Irving, 4 books
Heinrich Magirius, 4 books
Max Seydewitz, 3 books
Paul, Wolfgang, 3 books
Ines Anders, 3 books
Günter Jäckel, 3 books
Matthias Gretzschel, 3 books
Richard Peter, 3 books
Eckhart Leisering, 3 books
Thomas Widera, 3 books
Franz Kurowski, 3 books
Bernardo Bellotto, 3 books
Uwe John, 2 books
Walter Schmitz, 2 books
Christian Borchert, 2 books
Jeremy A. Crang, 2 books
Henny Brenner, 2 books
Paul Schumann, 2 books


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