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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ian Stewart, 4 books
Klaus Weltner, 4 books
Morris Kline, 4 books
Keith J. Devlin, 4 books
Lothar Papula, 3 books
Charles Coulston Gillispie, 3 books
K. A. Stroud, 3 books
Thomas Westermann, 3 books
Bird, J. O., 3 books
Colin Cherry, 2 books
Jacques Hadamard, 2 books
Marcus du Sautoy, 2 books
Amir D. Aczel, 2 books
John Allen Paulos, 2 books
Timothy Gowers, 2 books
J. Stoer, 2 books
Gerd Baron, 2 books
Peter Kirschenhofer, 2 books
John Vince, 2 books
Helga Hartwig, 2 books
Ralph-Hardo Schulz, 2 books
Thomas Rießinger, 2 books
H. J. Fischbeck, 2 books
Daniel Tammet, 2 books
Alan Jeffrey, 2 books


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