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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Darwin Porter, 9 books
Danforth Prince, 9 books
Keith Smith, 9 books
Victor Mitchell, 9 books
Frith, Francis., 6 books
Rick Steves, 5 books
Gene Openshaw, 5 books
John Richardson, 4 books
Collins, 4 books
Bartholomew (Firm), 4 books
Harper Collins Publishers, 4 books
Derek Kendall, 3 books
James Morton, 3 books
Alex Fynn, 3 books
David Kynaston, 3 books
Leigh Hatts, 2 books
Brian Southall, 2 books
Phil Soar, 2 books
Barney Sloane, 2 books
Martin Andrew, 2 books
Automobile Association (Great Britain), 2 books
Gerald Hoberman, 2 books
Martin Tyler, 2 books
Paul Adams, 2 books
Alex White, 2 books


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