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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Juan Kattan-Ibarra, 16 books
Tim Connell, 15 books
Doug Embleton, 10 books
Elspeth Eggington, 10 books
Peter Lupson, 9 books
Jane Millar, 6 books
Michael Jenkins, 5 books
Margaret Powell, 4 books
Rossana McKeane, 4 books
Marilyn Farr, 4 books
Martina Rohr, 4 books
Malcolm Bower, 4 books
Lucette Barbarin, 4 books
Lynne Strugnell, 3 books
John Hudson, 3 books
J.P. Lupson, 3 books
John Thorogood, 3 books
R. Owen, 3 books
Gianfranca Gessa Shepheard, 3 books
Colin Christie, 3 books
Dieter Herde, 3 books
Paul Durrant, 3 books
Alan Winchcombe, 3 books
Nasser Anane, 3 books
Fiona Kaplan, 3 books


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