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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gaston Mauger, 5 books
Max Dany, 5 books
Lucien Gilly, 3 books
Stuart Williams, 3 books
André P. Clas, 3 books
Léon Lorrain, 3 books
René Georgin, 2 books
Alfred Fontenilles, 2 books
M. Rideau, 2 books
Bernard Cresson, 2 books
L. Marcel Boirin, 2 books
R.-J Berg, 2 books
Malcolm Bower, 2 books
Benedicte Lapeyre, 2 books
Conrad J. Schmitt, 2 books
Pamela Sheppard, 2 books
Claudette Gaudreau, 2 books
André Clas, 2 books
Jacques Gandouin, 2 books
Anthony A. Lyne, 2 books
Michel Danilo, 1 book
Barbara Rolland, 1 book
Denise Guback, 1 book
Graham Bishop, 1 book
Sylvie Beauchamp-Achim, 1 book


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