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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Galloway, 39 books
Andrew Wright, 16 books
David Betteridge, 16 books
Nicolas Hawkes, 16 books
Lexus, 14 books
Sue Lake, 13 books
Geth Evans, 11 books
Davis, 7 books
Peter Viney, 7 books
Michael Coles, 7 books
Basil D. Lord, 7 books
Maricelle Meyer, 7 books
Robert Sugg, 7 books
Berlitz Guides, 6 books
Peter Menzies, 6 books
Bernard Hartley, 6 books
Jeremy Harrison, 6 books
Ronald Ridout, 5 books
Ellis, D. L., 5 books
Brown, 5 books
Inc. Berlitz International, 5 books
Hartley, 5 books
J. Baldwin, 5 books
Simon Haines, 5 books
Norman Paxton, 5 books


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