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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bob Sehlinger, 8 books
Johnny Molloy, 2 books
Don Otey, 2 books
John Connelly, 1 book
Alan Holman, 1 book
François Cirotteau, 1 book
Linda Daniel, 1 book
Eliot DuBois, 1 book
Bob Benner, 1 book
Russell Dunn, 1 book
Cecil Kuhne, 1 book
Jonathan Waterman, 1 book
William Nealy, 1 book
Robin Carey, 1 book
John Porterfield, 1 book
Don Nelson, 1 book
Ed Darack, 1 book
Maurice Valerio, 1 book
G. I͡A Ryzhavskiĭ, 1 book
Ray Killen, 1 book
Bob Lantz, 1 book
Ron Severs, 1 book
Ken Whiting, 1 book
Mick O'Shea, 1 book
Steve Chapple, 1 book


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