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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris Kulczycki, 3 books
David W. Zimmerly, 2 books
Jack Brosius, 2 books
Cecil Kuhne, 2 books
Joseph Lubischer, 2 books
Zu Freeman, 1 book
Harrison, John, 1 book
Bob Sehlinger, 1 book
Elinor B. Nickerson, 1 book
Alan Holman, 1 book
Linda Legg, 1 book
Farmer, Charles J., 1 book
Gilles Fortin, 1 book
Paul D. Kaufmann, 1 book
Alfred C. Haddon, 1 book
Rick Kemmer, 1 book
Gert Nooter, 1 book
Ben Mikaelsen, 1 book
William Nealy, 1 book
Bennett, Jeff, 1 book
Susan T. Audette, 1 book
Andy Knapp, 1 book
Petersen, H. C., 1 book
Bob Beazley, 1 book
E. Y. Arima, 1 book


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