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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cliff Jacobson, 15 books
Kevin Callan, 10 books
Bob Sehlinger, 7 books
Gary McGuffin, 6 books
Johnny Molloy, 5 books
Gil Gilpatrick, 5 books
John W. Malo, 4 books
Hap Wilson, 4 books
George Heberton Evans, 4 books
Jan Cheripko, 4 books
MacGregor, John, 4 books
Harrison, David, 4 books
Rowland Raven-Hart, 4 books
Eben Thomas, 3 books
Wright, Richard, 3 books
John H. Foshee, 3 books
Bob Benner, 3 books
Bill Riviere, 3 books
Jerry Monkman, 3 books
Walter F. Burmeister, 3 books
Nick Nickels, 3 books
Alan S. Kesselheim, 3 books
Edwin Tappan Adney, 3 books
Peter Lourie, 3 books
John A. Stern, 3 books


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