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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bob Sehlinger, 3 books
Don Otey, 3 books
Roger Schumann, 2 books
Jan Shriner, 2 books
Charlie Walbridge, 2 books
Joanie McGuffin, 2 books
Paul G. Ferguson, 2 books
Ken Hulick, 2 books
Laurance Wright, 2 books
Gary McGuffin, 2 books
Gary Solomon, 2 books
Bob Benner, 1 book
Jonathan Berger, 1 book
Ron Cordes, 1 book
Gene Able, 1 book
Walter F. Burmeister, 1 book
John Phillips, 1 book
Mark B. Solomon, 1 book
Hank Fischer, 1 book
Edwin Tappan Adney, 1 book
Cecil Kuhne, 1 book
William Nealy, 1 book
Lewis, 1 book
Liz Barrett, 1 book
Abrams, 1 book


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