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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Judah Loew ben Bezalel, 3 books
Nathan Rotenstreich, 3 books
Jacob Lestschinsky, 3 books
Reynolds, George, 3 books
Alex Weingrod, 2 books
Abraham Ben-Jacob, 2 books
Tessa Rajak, 2 books
Shlomo Sand, 2 books
Raphael Patai, 2 books
Dan Manor, 2 books
Ben Zion Dinur, 2 books
Abraham B. Yehoshua, 2 books
Simon Eppenstein, 2 books
Y. Kemelman, 2 books
Lester L. Grabbe, 2 books
Sander L. Gilman, 2 books
Howard Wettstein, 2 books
Jacob Neusner, 2 books
Steven J. Gold, 2 books
John M. G. Barclay, 2 books
Baer, Yitzhak, 2 books
Gabriel Sheffer, 2 books
Étan Levine, 2 books
Péter Ágoston, 2 books
Tony Kushner, 2 books


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