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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kathy Kacer, 8 books
Serge Klarsfeld, 8 books
Noʻomi Morgenshṭern, 7 books
Elie Wiesel, 5 books
Ann Byers, 5 books
Miriam Akavia, 5 books
Jonatha A. Brown, 4 books
Karen Levine, 4 books
Kathy Kacer, 4 books
Chaim Kozienicki, 4 books
Menno Metselaar, 4 books
Eva Schloss, 4 books
Judith Hemmendinger, 3 books
Sara Shner-Nishmit, 3 books
Carol Ann Lee, 3 books
Roma Ligocka, 3 books
Bert-Jan Flim, 3 books
Yehudit Ilan-Onderṿaizer, 3 books
Susan Goldman Rubin, 3 books
Andrea Warren, 3 books
Linda Jacobs Altman, 3 books
James D. Kitchen, 3 books
Melissa Müller, 3 books
Stacy Cretzmeyer, 3 books
Anita Brostoff, 3 books


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